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Carrier Services

Your one stop shop for every connection

Don’t know what carriers service your location(s)? Have questions about the best alternative between circuit types (SIP, VoIP, Fiber, Coax, SD-WAN, etc.)? Need help wading through all the various pricing, bandwidth and term options of multiple carrier quotes? Don’t have time to report, track and manage carrier trouble tickets or worse – outages? Hosted America is here to help.

As your agent we can research all the various carrier bandwidth and pricing options available for your location(s), recommend the best solution for your business and then handle negotiations to secure the desired services for you. Then we’ll help track and manage not only the installation but any issues as well. If there is ever an issue, just one call or email to us and we’ll help isolate the trouble with your carrier and then manage the trouble reporting, ticket tracking and escalation for you until the issue is resolved.

Get started today – call us and we’ll find the best carrier solution for your business.